Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dad Knows and Does Best!

A new part of our lives is starting this week with Brad starting Nurse Anesthetist school. As Brad has gotten ready it has made me pause and think about this next stage. I feel it may be a little more appropriate to put this here then on facebook. 

I watched the movie Courageous today. It is made my the same people who did Fireproof and I highly recommend it. It focuses on fathers and the role they play in our children's life. As I watched this I couldn't help but think of Brad and his role of a father. I guess I have never really put myself in the role of a father. I've never really put myself in the place to think what I do will need to provide for not only my wife and the children we have and yet to have. I've never felt the stress of a father who really wants to give his wife and children the best life. Brad indeed works hard. He is going through a tough program because it is what he wants to do but it is also because he wants our family to live comfortably. So while I can't help him with his homework, I mean at all, I do hope to help and support him along this journey! I won't get gushy, but man I love him!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

From a Mountain Top Out in Idaho

These are in order of our trip. After we left California there was a lot of driving. My dad took us to Boise from Sacramento and we picked up my sisters car and stayed for two days. Then we went to Eastern Idaho to visit Krista and her family and Rexburg to see old friends. After that we went to Wendell for my cousins wedding and then to Utah for the Miller family reunion. Brad flew home after that and Kellen and I drove back to Boise for a week. Yes it was a lot of driving but so worth it! We loved seeing everyone that we could and Kellen did surprisingly well in the car for all those hours!

My brothers loved (have I used that word enough) having Kellen around and I loved having the boys to keep him entertained! Efrain really took to looking after Kellen and liked to make sure he ate all his dinner!

We spent one evening with our good friends Alyssa, Luke, and Lily! We didn't intend for them to get in the pool but how could they resist. I'm so glad Kellen and Lily got to play and we could catch up! Wish we could have spent more time with them!

We are so glad we got to spend time with Krista's family! While the weather was a little chilly, typical eastern Idaho weather, it was still fun to be outside and play with the cousins! Another place where Kellen was in his element, I think family time that is! We are also glad we could stop by Rexburg and see old friends. It feels great to still have contacts there and show Kellen the campus.

We drove to Utah on Sunday and spent the evening with Brad's Aunt Xanthe, Uncle Randy, and Grandma Farnworth. Kellen loved all the otter pops and great place to run, play in the sand, and jump on the trampoline! It was a great oasis especially with the long drive in the car!

Lagoon was the major event for our family reunion and the day went great! Kellen did much better then we expected and he actually enjoyed sitting most of the time and watching people go on rides. We all, including my mom and dad, took turns watching him while we went on the rides. They even talked me into riding rattle snake rapids with my dad, boys, and Brad. And yes I got soaked...even though they said it wouldn't be too bad! At the end of the day Kellen rode the merry go round. We were exhausted by the end of the day but a great day spent!


Kellen got creative in how he fell asleep. Sometimes it was quite exhaustive and other times, like this one, was fairly quiet! Before Brad flew out we spent the night at Aunt Xanthe's and Uncle Randy's house which included more otter pops! We also spent more time with his grandma while Kellen napped! So happy to see her!


After Brad flew out Kellen and I spent the morning with Angie and went to breakfast with her and Chelsea (sorry we forgot to take a picture). I'm so glad Angie let us hang out for so long even though she had grad school applications due! We also were able to see my old roommate Alison and her new addition, baby Jet before the ride home!

So while in Boise my mom told me that YMCA does a track meet for the community each week and even kids who are just walking can do it. I was so excited to have Kellen run in his first race I made sure he wore a good outfit! :) While it was still fun to have him race you will see below how it actually went. Its obvious he didn't win.

This sums it up....he was pretty upset that I left to coax him to the finish line so he just screamed and my mom finally just had to pick him up. Yup, not so sure about this running thing just yet!

Kellen loved hanging outside and talked everyone into pushing him on the swing. Marcelino finally one day came in and said will you push Kellen on the swing because he is your kid! :)

We spent one afternoon at the little aquarium they have in Boise. Kellen was adamant about not touching the sting rays but did touch some star fish.

The day before we left I went to the zoo with Janelle, Kelsey and their kids. The kids had fun and seemed to enjoy it. So glad we could catch up!

For family home evening we went to my grand parents to swim in their little pool they have. It was the perfect size and we had a blast. One night Kellen and I spend the night there and enjoyed dancing to music and listening to grandpa sing and play the piano! After Kellen fell asleep we enjoyed talking and watching one of grandma's favorite shows! It really was an enjoyable night. After everyone was asleep I found old family reunion albums and loved going down memory lane! I'm so glad they have kept those!

Here is a big family picture of us at the wedding. To get a good close up the had to split them in two! Just missing Leanne! I am so glad we could spend time in Boise before heading home. It may be a zoo at my parent's place but Kellen loved it! My sister, mom, and I even got to go shopping! I really have enjoyed this time in my families life as everyone is growing up and becoming adults, well almost all of us! It truly is awesome that Kellen has not only cousins his age but uncles who love to play with him. It took us  a little bit to transition back from vacation but I'm glad to be back with our little family in Virginia! We have been enjoying the time before Brad starts school and feel so blessed to be able to spend a whole month with family before we embark on our new adventure!

Around the West Coast in 30 Days!

I should have gotten to this awhile ago but transition from month long vacation is taking longer than I thought! We had SOO much fun visiting family back West. We did have some hiccups that involved changes of plans and maybe one or two hospital visits but we know that we were supposed to be out there then. I'll try and split it up between Idaho and California!

California has thee best parks! We tried to go to one about every day and it didn't take long to get to one.And trust me if you haven't sat in what Brad is sitting in don't, as an adult it will make you sick!

Kellen loved following his grandparents around. There was a lot of lounging and playing grandma and Kellen was in his element! Kellen has some pretty fun grandparents and grandma even watched all the kid shows with him!

We spent the day at the zoo and Kellen's favorite thing was the merry go round. We had some free tokens and he rode it three times, and cried every time we got off!

One of our favorite part of the trip was driving in Grandpas Chevelle! The weather was great and Kellen just yelled wheeee and yay the whole trip! So glad that we could all go! 

Our last trip was to Old Sac. It was pretty hot that day so we stuck to the you can see from pictures! We had a blast in California and it was a great start to our time out West! It was great to relax, do daily errands, and go out with Kellen and sometimes even without him! We can't thank Grandma and Grandpa Close, Chad, and all those we saw enough! We won't count the days out loud till we get to go back but we are are excited for when we can!