Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dad Knows and Does Best!

A new part of our lives is starting this week with Brad starting Nurse Anesthetist school. As Brad has gotten ready it has made me pause and think about this next stage. I feel it may be a little more appropriate to put this here then on facebook. 

I watched the movie Courageous today. It is made my the same people who did Fireproof and I highly recommend it. It focuses on fathers and the role they play in our children's life. As I watched this I couldn't help but think of Brad and his role of a father. I guess I have never really put myself in the role of a father. I've never really put myself in the place to think what I do will need to provide for not only my wife and the children we have and yet to have. I've never felt the stress of a father who really wants to give his wife and children the best life. Brad indeed works hard. He is going through a tough program because it is what he wants to do but it is also because he wants our family to live comfortably. So while I can't help him with his homework, I mean at all, I do hope to help and support him along this journey! I won't get gushy, but man I love him!

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